Sai Cheng Opens Direct All-cargo Freighter Service from Shanghai to Sao Paulo, Brazil

On 8th August 2018, 29 tons of cross-border e-commerce products (E-packets to Brazil) bound for Brazil departed from Shanghai Pudong airport via flight ET3739 at 12:00 and landed at Sao Paulo airport (GRU) at 06:00 on 9th August Brazil time after 30 hours of flight. The success of this flight fills the gap of China-Brazil lane, which has rare air routes and is lack of all-cargo freighters. Initially, ET3739 will fly once a week and it will be increased to twice a week from October. Each flight is capable of carrying 40 tons of mails, approximately 200,000 pieces of mails. This means that every week there will be somewhere in the region of 40 tons of mails from Shanghai arriving Brazil next day, which will significantly improve volumes and transportation time of cross-border e-commerce products from previous 25 days to 10 days door to door between China and Brazil.
Ethiopian Airline schedules to launch another all-cargo freighter from the cross-border e-commerce hub - Zhengzhou, Henan province - to Sao Paulo in Oct. 2018 with two flights a week. By then, the rapid transportation volume of cross-border goods between China and Brazil will rise to another level.