Enabling·Creating·New Future – Sai Cheng 2019 Annual Meeting

Time files and time goes by. Busy year of 2018 has passed, with passion and challenges, the year of 2019, has bred new goals and hopes.


On March 9th -10th, Sai Cheng held a two-day annual meeting on the theme of “Enabling, Creating, New Future” in Changxing Island. Sai Cheng employees from all over the China gathered together to attend this wonderful event. Summarize the brilliant achievements of the past year and plan for the development of the New Year.


Summarize the past, and look forward to the future

On the afternoon of March 9th, the annual summary meeting affirmed the brilliant achievements of 2018, thanked every colleague of Sai Cheng for their hard work, reviewed the work of 2018 and made strategic deployment for the work of the New Year. In the future, we will strengthen our confidence in development, take strengthening customer service as the orientation, improve operational capacity as the grasp, comprehensively promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and create a new situation of development in 2019.

Honoring awards, Talent Show

>>>> Happy sign-in

On the same day evening, the most exciting moment for all employees was ushered in – “the Awards Dinner of 2018-2019”. Leaders and partners came to the annual meeting; they left their signature on the sign-in wall and showed their style in the "moment".

>>>> Shining Beginning

With the quick start of the dynamic on the big screen, the countdown 5-4-3-2-1 opened the annual meeting of Sai Cheng. Beautiful, tall and handsome hosts shined on the stage, announced that the annual meeting officially began!


>>>> Cool Talent

The staff of each department brought a variety of different performances, dance, singing, poetry reading, magic, and so on. The scene was lively and the atmosphere was harmonious!

>>>>Awards Ceremony

There is such a group of people quietly dedicating youth and blood to the company, they grow up and progress together with Sai Cheng, they are the witnesses of Sai Cheng's growth. Because of them, Sai Cheng can walk firmly. The company awarded employees who have accompanied Sai Cheng's growth and witnessed the company's development process for five years, ten years and more.

▲Awards for employees who joined Sai Cheng for five years and over ten years (part)

>>>> Honor Recognition

Annual meeting promulgated the excellent employees and teams of the company in 2018, and the company commended the awarded employees and teams. Each award not only represents an honor, but also expresses the recognition and trust of the company. We hope to play a leading role in the New Year and make new contributions.

▲Awards for excellent employees and teams in 2018 (part)

Cohesion, Team Building

On the following day, Sai Cheng employees carried out the 2019 annual group building expansion activities. In the activity, grouping according to the cross-departmental form, the division of labor within the team is clear, effective planning, and tacit understanding, through the speed of 60 seconds, the battlefield soldiers and other activities to get exercise. The group building was warm and the atmosphere was lively.

▲Lovely Sai Cheng family

The collective power is stronger than we imagine. A giant painting with the theme of "cohesion, drawing blueprints together" developed by this group has exerted the greatest potential and creativity of individuals through mutual communication and cooperation within the group. When all teams put together the blueprint of responsibility, we feel a strong sense of corporate belonging and cohesion, and experience the great joy of team success.