Celebration Party of Sai Cheng Hangzhou Bonded Warehouse Double 11 Event of 2020

The Double 11 Event this year was particularly busy. Faced with the double test of two waves of peak shipments and epidemic prevention, Sai Cheng Hangzhou Bonded Warehouse delivered satisfactory results as always. With the good news from various brands, we also received thank-you letters from many of them.

To celebrate the success of the Double 11 Event and, more importantly, to thank everyone for their hard work during this period, the Celebration Party of Sai Cheng Hangzhou Bonded Warehouse Double 11 Event of 2020 was held on the afternoon of 30th November. 

At the celebration party, food and drink were prepared for everyone, and a certainly indispensable main role: a cake printed with "Sai Cheng Logo".

The most exciting moment is coming! Heart-warming gifts were distributed to all friends, which are exact rewards of recognition. The gifts are small but are full of love. The beautiful smiling faces appear when everyone got the gift. This moment became the most beautiful scenery in this autumn.

The celebration party entered a climax when everyone was immersed in the joy of harvest. The head of the warehouse reported to everyone a series of achievements in this event, and gave awards to the ones who made outstanding contributions.

The spirit of working hard and courageously of Sai Cheng staff, and the strength of concerted and all-out efforts are all for the final victory. Another "Double 11" of Sai Cheng has passed, but the spirits remain the same as before. We will continue to uphold the mission of "Exceeding CustomersExpectation, Deliver as Promised", and set off again!