Sai Cheng appeared in the 32nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair

The 32nd East China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "China Fair"), which has attracted worldwide attention, concluded successfully today. It is expected that more than 40,000 buyers from home and abroad will come to China for four days to discuss cooperation. The total exhibition area is 126,500 square meters, with clothing exhibition, textile fabric exhibition, household goods exhibition, decorative gift exhibition, overseas exhibition area and cross-border e-commerce exhibition area. Build an efficient exchange and business platform for domestic and international brands, suppliers, trading platforms, sellers and service providers.


The first exhibition of the year · Gather power to create

In this exhibition, Saicheng settled in the booth of China Post, the shareholder of Saicheng, and participated in the exhibition together. The booth is located in the core location of the cross-border e-commerce museum, the scene of the flow of people, many domestic and foreign customers stopped to consult, but also many peers friends, industry experts came to discuss and exchange together.


Sai Cheng appeared in the 32nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair(图1)

▲ Sai Cheng staff at the exhibition


During the exhibition, China Post has arranged a number of product exchanges and sharing meetings, and introduced the full series of cross-border products that help domestic goods go to sea in detail for the participants. The atmosphere at the scene is warm, and the rich products and services attract many visitors to visit and consult. The Saicheng team had the honor to comprehensively show our cross-border logistics solutions in Australia to the guests on the scene, highlighting the service advantages and product highlights of each operation link in Australia.


Sai Cheng appeared in the 32nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair(图2)

▲ Sai Cheng presented the Australian Road cross-border logistics solution to the guests


Since its establishment in 2005, Saicheng has been deeply engaged in the Australian market, providing two modes of transport, air and sea, to meet the needs of different cross-border e-commerce customers, helping cross-border e-commerce customers to enter Australia. Own customs clearance team, improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce inspection rate. Relying on Saicheng's Australian shareholder - Australia Post has an absolute advantage in the local infrastructure and facilities, truly realize the "last kilometer" delivery throughout Australia, priority delivery/appointment delivery/self-pick and other delivery solutions to improve the terminal logistics service experience. Let the guests have a clearer understanding of Saicheng's logistics service products, and leave contact information looking forward to follow-up cooperation.


Sai Cheng appeared in the 32nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair(图3)

▲ Saicheng team answers logistics questions and provides logistics solutions for customers


Resource integration and development

Together with the elite members of the upstream and downstream supply chain of cross-border e-commerce, we will focus on hot topics such as cross-border logistics and cross-border marketing, discuss and share industry trends, innovative models and global market opportunities. Work together to inject vitality into multi-channel optimization, sustainable development and high-quality sea.

Sai Cheng appeared in the 32nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair(图4)

▲ SaiCheng exchanged and interacted with guests of upstream and downstream supply chains of cross-border e-commerce


In recent years, Saicheng has continued to deepen the four categories of products: international dedicated lines, international trunk lines, cross-border warehousing, and Central Asian combined transport, adhered to the coordinated development with China Post, and fully enabled the upgrading of the supply chain, further consolidated the logistics advantage service foundation that provides the platform and sellers with more security and stability, focuses on cost control, and improves the consumption experience of end customers, so that domestic goods can smoothly go international.


Thank you for meeting me. The future is promising


We sincerely thank the customers and friends who visited the booth during the exhibition, which will encourage us to continue to optimize logistics channels, polish product systems, integrate cross-border resources, improve operational skills, and fully promote rapid integration and professional development.