Cross-border Warehousing
Sai Cheng has thorough penetration in cross-border market and expanded strategic network in cross-border e-commerce pilot cities with inbound bonded warehouses, outbound consolidation warehouses and overseas warehouses being set up in succession. No matter you are a leading international brand or a young start-up, Sai Cheng can provide you comprehensive solutions as long as you need outsourced cross-border warehousing and order fulfillment services. We are here to help you with easier, stable and efficient cross-border warehousing and delivery services.
Cross-border Warehousing
  • Inbound Bonded Warehouse
  • Outbound Consolidation Warehouse
  • Overseas Warehouse
  • Sai Cheng warehouses now cover 9 cross-border e-commerce pilot cities in China with years of growing. We offer bonded warehousing services as well as logistics and service platforms based on different product and service requirements and operations characteristics of each gateway.
  • With easier cross-border online shopping and logistics, buying overseas is no longer a trouble. Our strategic network in two cross-border traffic areas, East and South China, helps you to collect goods of the same shopping batch, which saves logistics costs and ensures parcels are delivered to you at the same time.
  • Cargo terminals and hub warehouses are located in mainstream countries and regions worldwide. In Australia and Russia, we set up warehouses for stocking up on a large number of hot-selling goods so as to promptly respond and schedule delivery to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction.


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