Track Orders


  1. Q:How to contact your customer service?
  2. A:You may contact the customer service in two ways:
    A:1. Send email to
    A:2. Follow Sai Cheng official Wechat account "SaiCheng-Logistics" and leave us a message

    (Service online: 09:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday, except Chinese legal holidays)
  3. Q:How to place an order with Sai Cheng?
  4. A:You may fill in the customer information form and submit to us, then we will contact you for how to place an order.
  5. Q:What documents do I need to prepare for you to receive goods into warehouse?
  6. A:If the parcel is not stick with an waybill for the last mile delivery, please contact our customer service first to ask for parcel inbound number and “offline order template” to fill in, and then send it back to the customer service.
  7. Q:How to track my parcel?
  8. A:Trade lane product is real-time tracked in the whole process.
    A:1.Track here:;
    A:2. Follow Sai Cheng official Wechat account "SaiCheng-Logistics".
  9. Q:How to top up and pay the freight?
  10. A:Bank transfer (You may pay in AUD or RMB through your personal or company account.);
    A:You may scan Sai Cheng QR code by Wechat or Alipay to pay (in RMB only).
  11. Q:Do you provide value-added services including inner piece inspection and inventory checking?
  12. A:Yes, we can but it is subject to volume. Please remind our customer service when you place orders. This will incur extra operations cost and please check with customer service for details.
  13. Q:What if there are disputes on weight and size?
  14. A:For irregular parcel, measuring the max point shall be applied. Sai Cheng reserves the right to interpret the error within the range of 1-2cm.
  15. Q:Can I amend receiver information if I filled in wrong when placing the order?
  16. A:It will incur extra cost and please check with customer service for details.
  17. Q:Can you prioritize my parcels?
  18. A:We don’t have such a service for now, but you can book an appointment for when to dispatch.